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I have recently been told how great I look while pregnant, how it suits me well, how at 5 months it doesn't even show, etc. The reason behind all this...I have maintained my lifestyle to the best that I can. I do not eat for two & I continue to train at the gym (of course, cutting out some exercises and replacing them with pregnancy-safe ones).
I thought I'd fill some of you in on the benefits of training wile you're pregnant.

1. Mood Lifting
Exercise increases levels of seratonin, a brain chemical linked to (happier) moods.

2. Birth Prep
Labor requires stamina and focus, so the fitter you are the more endurance you'll have when you'll need it most.

3. Reduce constipation
One of those unfortunate side effects of pregnancy, constipation can be eased with exercise, which accelerates movement in your intestines.

4. Weight control
It'll be easier for you to return to your pre-pregnancy weight after your baby is born since you'll gain less body fat from exercising.

5. Maintain fitness
If you were a regular exerciser before your pregnancy, you'll have an easier time staying in shape if you continue to exercise throughout your pregnancy (even though it's less strenuous).

6. Reduce stress
Pregnancy is a joyful and a stressful trime - exercise helps keep those mood dips in check.

7. Pain reducer
Pregnancy brings many aches and pains with it. Exercise helps alleviate back pain and strain as your belly grows.

8. Self-image booster
Exercise increases the blood flow to your skin, so that pregnancy glow of yours will be even more radiant.

9. Me-time
Savor this time for yourself - it's the last time you'll enjoy an hour to yourself before your baby is born.

10. Easier recovery
Exercise is a good way to prepare your body for the physical strain of labor so your post-labor recovery time could be shorter.

Hope this motivates the mummy-to-be's out there.
As my trainer Linda Sproull always says, "The family that trains together, stays together."

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