Universal Coverage


I know summer has just begun for us Canadians but I'm suddenly craving a fur trim coat & brocade pants. Gorgeous!!

Vogue US August 2010
Pictures courtesy of supermodels


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4 Responses to “Universal Coverage”

Taylor B. said...

Not too long ago you were complaining that it wasn't warm enough! Give me another month and I'll be ready for a wardrobe change...although being able to wear them won't happen until November or December in my area.

Roya said...

Love those brocade pants. I could never pull them off but I enjoy seeing them on people who can.

libys11 said...

wow.. i dont know know what to say.. except for.. i can't wait for fall!!! :D

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JGM said...

almost makes me wish summer was over...wait, what am I saying??

loove your baby countdown, by the way. very cool. :)

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