Our entire day yesterday was basically, Fresh!
Andrew and I paid a visit to the Jean-Talon Market. It's an outdoor farmer's market with aisles and aisles full of fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, cheese, flowers, bread, pastries, etc. We had to take advantage of the finally here sunny warm weather.
We then stopped by the famous St-Viateur Bagel Shop. Best bagels in town in my opinion. We grabbed 2 dozen fresh out of the oven.
Our house now smells like fresh fruit and a bakery. YUM!!

For lunch I had a delicious crepe filled with ham, eggs, & Swiss cheese.

Andrew on the other hand ate a much bigger meal, rice, vegetables, chicken and shrimp.

Last stop at the market, sorbet in a cone. Strawberry and lemon sorbet. Refreshing!


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11 Responses to “Fresh”

Kristy said...

I love Farmer's Market!The colors look so vibrant and the fruits make my mouth water (I could use some cherries and nectarines right now, mmmm...)

And savoury crepes!YUMM-O!!I'm more of a salty-tooth person so savoury crepes > sweet crepes ;)

Love your outfit too, Lena! The Aladdin pants look great and comfortable!;) Glad to know you had a fantabulous weekend!

Vanessa said...

So jealous! I want to go to there :o)

Dominique said...

Wow precious moments, so that's is so sweet you guys spending time together like that, I am so jealous. That outing seems like so much fun, simple pleasures.

libys11 said...

so first of all!! you're glowing as ever! :D

second, you made me hungry!! now im craving for crepes and sorbet!! aaaaahh!!!

third, i want some fresh fruits!!!

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Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Such beautiful colors. i'm off to the fridge b/c this post made me super hungry!


Tugba said...

We went with hubby to the farmers market yesterday and bought loads of fruits :D The car is still smelling hehe THE BAGELS LOOK SOOO YUMMMYYY :D

Elle said...

Love your outfit! You managed to look comfy and chic!!!


camerafilmroll said...

Love what you're wearing. Looks so comfortable!


LOVE your new header! Those pants are amazing. I was just at a great Farmer's Market at the Grove in LA over the weekend. We really need one in Vegas...

xo, Kristin
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Liv said...

Aaahhh... I just moved close to Jean-Talon Market, I had the day off yesterday and picked up a ton of deliciousness to make a feast for my girls. All in all a pretty perfect day!
You look adorable!

Leah said...

These places look great. I wish I would have discovered your blog before I visited Montreal and I could see all the hotspots! Hope you have a great weekend!
From one Canadian to another,

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