4 months...5 more to go


Today I am officially 4 months pregnant. Nausea has passed, I'm not as tired as I used to be, & I can feel the baby moving. It feels like butterflies in your belly. Such a cool feeling!
I had a doctor's visit this past Friday and both mommy and baby are doing exceptionally well :) I've gained a total of 9lbs so far which is fantastic. Here are my 4 month baby bump pics.
P.S. Still wearing my regular clothes. Pants don't fit anymore but I loop a hair elastic through the button hole and then loop it around the button...Voila! No maternity clothes for me just yet :)


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12 Responses to “4 months...5 more to go”

Kristy said...

LOL, love how you work around your current wardrobe to accommodate the pregnancy :) I hope you're feeling a lot better. Glad to her the baby has started kicking! 5 months can't come any sooner!!! :D


TheFrenchTwisted said...

You look stunning! Loved the second half of my pregnancy, it's all about feeling and looking great now!
Congrats.Love your blog, definitely following!


libys11 said...

aahhh this is just precious!!! :D i wish you and your baby well! :D

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Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

WOW! U look really good.
Pregnacy suits you, babe lol.
It's very nice to see that kind of pics from you.

Dominique said...

That is amazing to hear you and the baby are healthy. Lovely pics, this second trimester is really the easiest.You look beautiful.

Dawn said...

You look amazing! Great to hear that you feel better! Looking forward to more outfit pic's.

Eva said...

Lovely pics!!!!You are so beautiful.

^_^ Eva

Mireia said...

Oooh how beautiful is that! You look great ^_^ It's great to hear that everything is going well, and both of you are healty ^_^

And that's a cool way to make your clothes still fit haha, well done.

Congrats ^_^

lamia said...

wow!!! how cuute is that!! love your pictures!!! you look stunning!!

Marie Z. said...

Where did your belly come from?! LOL In your previous outfit posts you could hardly see it and now, there it is! ; ) What a cute baby bump! Glad you're feeling well : )

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