The Mini Baker


Ok, I have been having major sweet cravings for quite some time now...oh I'd say about...all my life!!!
No seriously speaking, this craving has really been hitting me hard for a few weeks.
I was perusing the web for some fun quick dessert recipes and stumbled upon this site called The Mini Baker. I want to bake everything on here. I was scanning through the posts and all the recipes look seriously delicious and apparently they are quick and easy too.
I see a food post in the near future :)

 Pictures courtesy of The Mini Baker


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8 Responses to “The Mini Baker”

libys11 said...

i am officially craving for some good old chocolate chip cookie!! aaahh!!!! yummy site! :D

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Belle said...

Oh my gosh!! It all looks so delicious!!

Yesterday I cooked a very easy and quick dessert chocolate mousse without eggs!
You melt marshmallows, butter, water and chocolate together, then add in whipped cream and fold it all together, refrigerate and voila! The most pleasurable chocolate mousse ever! (recipe here: )

Lainey said...

I have such a sweet tooth, and these pics have just skyrocketed that feeling.

Michelle Elaine said...

Can't wait to see your food posts!! ;)


Anouk Reijman Hinze said...

OEEE looks soo Yummiiee!:D

Sofi said...

Lena since you opened your blog! i absolutley love it¡¡

I remember when you started, I had followed you since the begining¡¡ i love your blog and i am so happy for you that you are having a baby!

visit my blog! I just opened a few weeks ago hope you liked and hope you folllow!!

xoxo Sofi :)

JINX said...


Irene Colzi said...

Give me some chocolate, please!!!!!!! :D

Have a nice day!

♥Irene's Closet♥

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