Heat Seeker


I absolutely love the flowy soft lines of these pieces. The wedges in the first pic are to die for!! I WANT, I WANT!!!

Pictures courtesy of supermodels


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11 Responses to “Heat Seeker”

h a u t e . m e s s said...

Ahh those wedges are so very amazing!

.sabo skirt. said...

loving the wedges.. all of these photographs are amazing

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xx .sabo skirt.


Pixie Dust said...

I love your blog! <3
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moded'amour said...

love those photos!


Alice In Fashionland said...

Nice! The boots in the last picture are amazing.

cla-sib said...

love the pics.. the wedges are fantastic

xoxo cla

Michelle Elaine said...

The wedges in the first pic look a lot like Jeffrey Campbells...


Fashion & DIY said...

very inspiring!

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Wonderful pics :)

Fashion By He said...

those wedges are awesome!!

-He approves


rk hall said...

Beautiful photos! Btw, CONGRATS on the baby!

xx rk


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