And God created the sun


Kate Moss looks sensational in Vogue Paris June 2010 issue. 36 years old with 1 daughter...spectacular!
Love her!!!

Pictures courtesy of Supermodels


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6 Responses to “And God created the sun”

Michelle Elaine said...

Her in the black bathing suit is my fave! I wanna do my hair like that - vintage is haute ;)


I think she's a bitch said...

I know,

I wish I looked like her (and had her closet... and her bankaccount)

Xx I think shes a bitch

libys11 said...

yesd.. she definitely is so amazing! :D

Dominique said...

My gosh I just saw the most awful pics of her. These paparazzi people are the worst. She is gorgeous and I adore her just as much as the next person, don't get me wrong but private time should be just that, PRIVATE.(Sorry for the rant Lena)

Charly said...

She looks amaaazing, as I'm sure you will to after your first child Lena :) Love the styling on this shoot its gorgeous,


Jen said...

kate moss is stunning as always! :)

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