And the lucky owner of this adorable patent pink clucth is:


Consider this an early wedding present as I see you are getting married in August :)

(Winner was chosen at random on


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4 Responses to “WINNER !!!”

The Fashion Cloud said...

She must be the luckiest blogger around because she just won two weeks ago my giveaway haha :)


Tania said...

She's really lucky! Darn it I was too late but I would have been in there (If I'd found your blog early enough. It's awesome by the way!)

Anonymous said...

hey i have two quick questions for you,
1. what did you type in to find the sam edelman zoe boot knock off?
2. what did you do to be a fashion buyer? school, prev. work, ect.?

Lena said...

@ Anonymous: Check out this ebay will find all popular name knock-offs.

I studied in Fashion Marketing and did an internship as an Assistant Buyer for a fashion retailer. I slowly moved up from there. I've always worked in retail as store manager, cashier, etc...aside from my degree, that helped a lot.

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