Who of you have been watching Dancing with the Stars this season? I am not a big of television and very rarely get hooked on TV shoes, but...I am obsessed with Dancing with the Stars this season. It just occurred to me though why I'm so captivated...Edyta Sliwinska. Oh my lord she's absolutely beautiful and her body is out of this world. What do I have to do to obtain a physique like her, is the question I ask myself as I'm staring at her toned tanned frame. First answer, cut the nutella peanut butter from my last post :(  I googled her for more answers and came onto the following Q&A:

Why is dancing such a great workout?
It shapes your buttocks, waist, & legs. There's no better workout.

What's your training schedule besides dancing?
I try to go to the gym about 3 days a week and I do mostly cardio, running on the treadmill or doing the elliptical machine for half an hour, 40 minutes. Then I do some exercises like squats and sit-ups.  All the exercise I do doesn't involve weights. It's just working with your own body.

What's your typical day's diet?
Normally I eat yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I'll eat some salad and chicken for lunch with a lot of vegetables and normally snack with fruit like grapes, peaches, plums, apples, oranges. In the evening, I'll have a little bit of rice or pasta with some chicken or fish and green vegetables.

Bikini season is around the corner and I need to get cracking if I want to look at least 1/4 as good as she does. I do my boxing boot camp classes 3 times a week so maybe I can step it up and do a little more cardio. My eating habits should definitely change. Maybe I will make a goal of posting before and after pics in about 6 months to show my progress. Big ambition, hopefully I stick to my guns.

Let's start with Edyta pictures for motivation.

Lena xoxo


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9 Responses to “Edyta”

apparellel said...

i need a tan stat! and i need to work out. ugh.


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Oh my! She definately has THE perfect body... sooo jealous! :) I think I'll go for a run today... XXX


Anonymous said...

You think she has nice legs?? You are far more attractive than her and you have a much nicer body. She is pretty but her legs look like a mans. You are much more feminine.

| Tex | Fashion Butter said...

yeah, her body is pretty crazy! good motivation!

Nicole Jarecz said...

she is so beautiful. i need a tan asap!

Marie Z. said...

I've been watching DWTS, I'm a big fan and I agree - Edyta is beautiful. Did you know she's married to another professional dancer, equally as hot as her, who was on the show last season? His name is Alex Mazo and I'm sure they will make beautiful children! You look great and toned as you are Lena, all you need is self-tanner or a spray tan and you're good to go!

Fashion By He said...

shes smokin hot!

-Hea pproves

Anonymous said...

She looks okay according to me. I think the tan looks kinda fake and her muscled legs aren`t that attractive. So believe me, you look wayyy better. But that`s according to me, we all have different standards!

kristy eléna said...

i love this post. i love to hear women talk about how they want to "get fit" instead of just "get skinny."

you should try interval training for your cardio workout. it's a lot more effective than slow cardio and it's just an amazing workout that makes you feel really great. i do about 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill every other day and i really love my results.

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