Sugar Shack


We celebrated my mom's birthday yesterday having brunch at the Sugar Shack. Scrambled eggs, pea soup, potatoes, ham, pancakes, sugar pie and of course "oreilles de crisse", a traditional Quebec dish that consists of deep fried smoked pork jowls. I'm not a big fan as I find it way too salty. I did eat everything else though :) And you can't leave the sugar shack without having maple taffy on a stick. YUMMY!!! Boiling maple sap which then becomes maple syrup is poured over clean snow. It then thickens and you twist it on a popsicle stick ready to be eaten. I look forward to this time of year just to eat this.
It was a great day to spend the first day of Spring.

Lena xoxo

The ceiling of the sugar shack was adorned with leaves, branches and lights.
Oreilles de crisse
Maple sap
We went on a horse drawn carriage ride
Woman playing the wooden spoons
I had a caricature done...does it look like
Twisting the maple syrup & snow onto popsticle stick


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7 Responses to “Sugar Shack”

apparellel said...

what great pics! and no that caricature looks nothing like you. haha.


lamia said...

dishes really look delicous!! great pictures too!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Love the caricature!

Kristy said...

haha, i love the caricature, though I'm wondering why he/she drew you posing like a bodybuilder? :p anyway, looks like you had a great weekend. happy belated birthday to your mom! and i would definitely have some of those pork jowls, mmmm... :)

ps: andrew's jeans are bananazzz and i love how he cuffed them to show off the boots! :)

Dominique said...

WOW, that looks like a lot of fun. Cool caricature, looks like you but not really.

sonal said...

NEVER heard of a sweet that required snow! We get snow here all the time--someone needs to bring that idea over to America :)

Julia said...

Thank you!! i have the purse here. This is so great!

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