Almost perfect Saturday night


I spent my Saturday tidying the house, doing some laundry, and getting a much needed Vitamin C facial. Why I wait so long to get pampered is beyond me. I really should try my best to get facials more often. It felt so relaxing and my skin feels silky smooth.
To end the day off, I'm now in my comfy bed with hot chocolate and a fashion mag. (Aside from writing this post of course.) This would be the perfect evening if it wasn't for the fact that Andrew is not in town to share it with me. I am picking him up at the airport tomorrow after a one week business trip. I can't wait!!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend :)

Lena xoxo



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7 Responses to “Almost perfect Saturday night”

The Style Revolution said...

Love the pics & post... Happy weekend xoxo

Auburn Not Red said...

Love lazy days! Enjoy it.

Alecto said...

I also had a lazy Saturday and I think I'm going to have a lazy Sunday too:)

cla-sib said...

ohh i like the lazy evenings with tea/chocolate, something to read and to be happy..

xoxo cla

Ana Aguilar said...

I understand husband travels a lot as well and althought I like being on my own then I miss him.
Which vitamin C treatment do you do?

xoxo from Spain!

Lena said...

@ Ana Aguilar: I had a Vitamin C facial at a spa. According to their website, this antioxidant treatment supports your skin with vitamins C, A, & E. Beneficial for all skin types, tired and stressed skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, oxygenates the skin, and provides additional protection against the harmful effects of the sun. I highly recommend it as my skin looks and feels great. I think I would do it again every 1-2 months.

Celine said...

Sounds perfect! I'm at work at the moment and wish I was snuggled up with a good mag and a hot cup of tea!

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