I had a request from the extremely talented Nicole Jarecz. Check out her blog and you'll know what I mean by extremely talented.
On my last post she had noticed that I had a tattoo on my foot and she asked me if I can take a close-up shot. Well not only did I take a close-up shot of the tattoo on my foot but I took close-ups of all 3.

P.S. When people say that they're true!! I want another one on my right wrist to balance out my body and to have a total of 4, 4 being my lucky number. Hopefully it'll happen soon and I'll post some pics during and after.

Lena xoxo

This is my first tattoo that I got when I was around 18 years old or so. It's located on my center lower back. I'm not Egyptian but I love the meaning behind the Ahnk. People believe it represents many things however I got it for the meaning of eternal life.

This is my second tattoo which I got when I was around 23. I lived in Miami for 2 years and this is my favorite keepsake. It's located on my left foot and it's the Zodiac symbol for Leo. I was born August 20th.

This is my most recent which I got about 5 years ago. Located on the back of my neck. It's the Chinese Zodiac symbol for the Snake. I was born in 1977.


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6 Responses to “Tattoos”

t said...

Thanks for sharing that! :)


Auburn Not Red said...

I'm a LEO, too. July 29th. I'll be (shh!) 30 this year.

cla-sib said...

your tattoos are the one on your left foot..

xoxo cla

priincess said...

those are siick tattoos! : ) yeah i heard about how addictive they i'm resisting to even get my first oneee...did they hurt? especially the one on the back of your neck?

Lena said...

@ priincess: actually the one that hurt the most but was still pretty bearable was the one on my foot.
Good luck in breaking in your tattoo cherry :)

Nicole Jarecz said...

thanks for posting these! i really like the one on your foot the most , its simple and the lineweight is great!

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