Outer Underwear


Came across this beautiful photo spread of model Jessica Stam in Fashion Magazine's February 2010 issue.
Will you be following the outer underwear trend this Spring?

Lena xoxo

Pictures courtesy of Fashion Magazine


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4 Responses to “Outer Underwear”

libys11 said...

wow!!! so sexy! i own a bustier and i haven't worn it much.. spring 2010 should be a good season to experiment with them! :D

Taylor Sterling said...

beautiful editorial!!

Angela said...

amazing pictures.... maybe.... yes!!!

kiss kiss!

Jess ♡ said...

Mmm gorgeous, I totally would... but I think I'm a chicken, or its more of the parent disapproval thing. Hehe, I'm already being a rebel by wearing more than one ring at once ;) I suppose throwing in a bustier ontop couldn't do much harm, right?

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