This is it!


After a long and I mean loooonnnnnggggg 2 weeks, Andrew is finally coming back tonight from his business trip. You realize how much you love someone when they're gone. And I love him like crazy. Seeing as I will be extremely busy today with my hair appointment (finally), tidying up the house and getting dolled up to pick him up at the airport I figured I'd just post a few shots of him and I from the past 2 years. (This is the only time period I have in my computer at the moment.)
Enjoy and we'll speak tomorrow.

Lena xoxo

Visiting our home during construction. On the right is Andrew's brother, Adam.

One week before our wedding. Toasting to our new place with our parents.

 Our wedding day.

 On our honeymoon in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

On our way to the airport headed back home from our honeymoon.

 Meeting Duke's father and the breeders.

 Duke's first day home.

 At a friends wedding.

Andrew super happy as we're on our way to watch the Montreal Canadians play at the Bell Center.

One night out. Andrew thinks I'm weird for wanting to capture every moment on our camera.

Supper with his family at my brother in law's place. Top left to right: me, Andrew, his brother Adam, his friend Vito. Bottom left to right: Andrew's father, Andrew's mother, Adam's girlfriend Jessica.


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14 Responses to “This is it!”

ru.kurarin said...

you have no idea how much this post made me smile. post happy reunion photos later?

Lena said...

@ ru.kurarin: I'm so glad that this post made you made me smile too reminiscing.
Will try my best to take pictures tonight of his return.

Lena xoxo

Kristy said...

aaww..i love this post. it's so much fun to see you throughout the years. Duke's dad IS HUGE, holy smokes!!! and baby duke is so tiny and adorable <3 now, you need to post more wedding pictures ;)

Lena said...

@ Kristy: I know, when we last saw his dad he was 150lbs. That's crazy!!! I have a funny feeling Duke will follow in his footsteps. When we brought him home he was 8 weeks old and 17lbs. He's now 6 months and 93lbs. I think I was able to hold him in my arms for about 2 weeks :(
My wedding album is in the works. I will post pics as soon as I get it.

Lena xoxo

Jen said...

you guys are so ridiculously adorable. hope you have fun with him! :) and i'm definitely following (i remember you from chictopia!)

p.s. i want a duke of my own :)

betz said...

i am so glad i found your blog! i will surely follow you. this post really made me smile. it's so heartwarming to see people celebrating their happily ever after.

ps. you are soooo gorgeous.

ArtificialSweetener said...

I just discovered your blog (and read all the way to your first post) and this is what I've noticed:

1. You DO NOT look 32! Maybe you meant 23? Haha.

2. You are Canadian! Me too! I havent seen many Canadian blogs.

3. Your dog is adorable and your house looks amazing!

Have a happy Christmas!!


Lena said...

@ Jen: awww, thank you so much!! His flight was delayed so he came home by taxi at 1am...I was a bit sleepy but managed to keep my eyes open to enjoy him a little bit :)

@ Betz: Thank you for the lovely comments and for becoming a fan. This means a lot to me!!!

@ ArtificialSweetener: lol...I think it's the freezing Canuk weather that makes our skin looking younger :) My house needs major decorating, we only moved in a year ago. I don't even know where to start. I'm not good at interior design...any tips!
I looked at your blog and I love it. Great DIY's.

Lena xoxo

(always)alanna said...

aww this is such a sweet post and images!
adorable pup
gorgeous blogg!

A and A said...

so so beautiful! both of you... what a stunning couple.
Lena.. come enter our giveaway dear....


Angela said...

.... oh Lena, i simply love your post.... and your picture!!! and what can say about your dog.... so sweet......... ;)))

kiss kiss

sharonlei said...

What great photos.. you two are such cuties!! Yay... I hope you've been smothering your hubby with lots of smooches, hugs, love, laughter.. and all that good stuff!! Happy Holidays lovely.

Love & Aloha, Sharon

Fashion & DIY said...

I love this post so much!!!! it's adorable!!!!!

shopaholic on a mission said...

I can't even remember where I saw you first since I now see u have acct in a cpl of the largest networks whatchamacallit like chictopia chicisimo et al. but because of the mirror you have in the background I remember I do like your style a lot from the first time I saw you in fron tof that mirror. So i'm following you now. I tinnk you are going to be on top of the list as I have it set to read fro the mos recent downwards. Anyways I hope you chk out my blog sometime. May I ask , you seem to be somewhere not so cold. Is that accurate. Im somewhere totally warm, Puerto Rico, so no chance to wear much cold weather stuff. Totally sucks! By the way I have never seen a dog that huge, his head is like two human heads together. No kidding!
Anyways keep 'em coming.

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