I've recently become infatuated with photography...completely out of my bubble. So much so that I'd even like to take a few entry-level courses.
It just hit me one day that I love taking pictures of anything and anyone and it aggravates me that I constantly have to do retakes because of poor lighting or poor quality, etc. Wonderful memories are captured with these devices so why not make them beautiful.
Therefore, on my wishlist this Christmas is a Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera. Perfect camera for my needs.
Gotta make sure my hubby reads this :)

Read more about it here


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4 Responses to “Wishlist”

A and A said...

so happy to see you started one... looking forward to watching it develop and grow.

xxx from san francisco.
alex and amy


Lena said...

aww gee thank you!!! i hope i don't disappoint you :)

lena xoxo

Monochromachic said...

that's gonna be such a great christmas present! :D fingers crossed!! or just told the hubby to read this post..hehehe...

daphne♥ said...

YEs! goodluck on that camera! and i do hope your husband sees this heh! men, sometimes they need more than subtle hints :P

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