Fast Fruity Delight


Just so you all know, I am not the greatest cook in the kitchen. Passion and lack thereof is the main reason as to why my meals just never turn out scrumptious. However, baking and desserts...second nature to me. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to land upon the Kraft Foods website flooded with delicious and easy to follow recipes. It consists of more than just desserts yet it's the sweets that I'm attracted to. 
This past week I tried this budget friendly recipe that took 10 minutes to prepare and 50 seconds to devour. My hubby, who unlike me is not a fan of sugar, also loved it!
For all you sweet tooth's out there, this dessert should be added to your recipe box.

Lena xoxo

P.S. I added a little whip cream on top before serving.
                                             Picture courtesy of Kraft Foods


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4 Responses to “Fast Fruity Delight”

Vicki said...

yummy!! I too have an SLR on my christmas list, little outta my depth and dont know which one to get!! but love photography! :) xx

Lena said...

Hopefully I will take some amateur photography lessons soon and will let you know what they suggest for people on a budget.

lena xoxo

Monochromachic said...

mmmmm..this looks so delish AND expensive!:D cant believe it's only made from whip cream.
(presentation is key! haha..) sweet treat here i come!


Closet Full of Nothing said...

Hey Lena! I'm like that too! I cannot cook what-so-ever but i loove to bake :)

The dessert looks so yummy :)

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