Bad Romance


I finally saw the Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" video this past weekend and my eyes were just glued to the screen the entire time. I was hypnotized by the first-class, grade A thoughts and ideas put into it.
The imagination and creativity behind this video is completely outstanding. Not to mention that the song is friggin amazing. She outdoes herself everytime.
Could she be the new Madonna?
Has she already taken over the title "Queen of Pop"?
Let me know your opinions and for those of you who haven't seen the video already...ENJOY!!

Lena xoxo


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2 Responses to “Bad Romance”

Monochromachic said...

the video is definitely one of a kind but it's a bit disturbing for me, especially the ending :( i know, i'm such a wuss! anyways, my heart still belongs to her madgesty ;) but the ''ga ga oh la la.." is really catchy! hahahaha...


C.Chico said...

i totally love her. and the video is pretty amazing

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