And the fiercness carries on


Madonna, the new face of  Dolce & Gabbana for their Spring 2010 ad campaign. Corsets, lace, and sexy masculinity...who better to represent the collection than the pop icon herself. Brings me back to "The Girlie Show" in which the designing duo created her memorable costumes. 51 years old and remains the epitome of sensational.
I love her, always have and always will!

More pictures of the collection at


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2 Responses to “And the fiercness carries on”

Monochromachic said...

I love Madonna!!!She's such a legend! Bedtime Stories is my favorite album of all time..
I love the second outfit, is it from the Express Yourself video? and I can't remember which video is for outfit #3!!!

(finally the comment box is working, huh? haha..)


Lena said...

The nude corset look is like the "Express Yourself" video as well as the "4 minutes" video with Justin T. The sexy masculine look is also like her "Express Yourself" video.
I saw her "Confessions Tour" and she was just fabulous. Hopefully she'll put out another one can bet your savings that I'll be there.

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